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Sell Your Used Books at Textbook Sellback

Sell Your Textbooks in Store for Instant Cash

Check out the current Sellback price for your textbooks. Keep in mind prices fluctuate with demand, so check back often.

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BuyBack Alerts
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How Sellback Works (A Brief Overview)

  1. You tell us which books you want to sell.
  2. We check all participating schools across the country to find a school currently buying the title(s).
  3. You bring your books to the Hole in the Wall and we buy them for McMaster or other schools.
  4. We notify you by Email twice a semester to remind you of the Buyback season and to let you know how much you can get for your books.
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Hole in the Wall Hours

Regular Sellback Hours in store

Sellback hours are limited to the end of each term, during the exam period - refer to hours calendar for dates.

Sellback is located in the store in Zone 4 (near the south entrance.) See all store hours.


Hole in the Wall Hours


Sellback Tips:

  1. Check that Sellback is open.

  2. Check that we're buying your books back before you make the trip. Get a quote now

  3. Sign up for an alert. Let us remind when it's time to sell your books.
Please note:

In one easy step you can sign up for a email reminder letting you know when we are buying your textbooks back.