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How It Works
  1. Tell us which books you want to sell
  2. We will check all participating schools to find a school currently buying the title.
  3. If no schools are currently buying your title you can sell it to other students directly in our used book classifieds.
  4. We can automatically notify you by Email when a school wants to buy your book.

Sell back your unwanted textbooks any day the Bookstore is open, except during inventory and store system maintenance. Bring your books to the Customer Service counter and we will offer you the current market value. During our buyback periods, we may offer up to 50% of your money back.

Wondering how much your Textbook is worth? Click on "Sell A Book" to find out.
(Put your book's ISBN number in the box to the left of the 'Check Price>>' button and then click the 'Check Price>>' button on the Sell a Book page. Site works best with Firefox as there are some CSS issues with Internet Explorer)

Prices listed fluctuate daily depending upon supply and demand, how many students have already sold us their textbooks and whether a professor has ordered your textbook for the Fall semester.

The earlier you come by to sell your book the more likely you are to get a better price.

If you are unable to locate your textbook please keep checking this website daily as we are continually receiving new Fall textbook orders from professors.

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